Automatic machine for spray-painting
heels and wedges
SV-T/CSV-T/C is a heigh-output automatic machine to spray any type of heels and wedges. It may come with two spraying booths where items are coated with a primer, allowed to dry and then finished with imitation leather ribbing.
although this is a transfer-type unit, a spacial feature makes this machine unique: items are sprayed by one gun only, by two electronally-controlled co-ordinated movements ( SIREM patent).
When changing type of item, only size is keyed (lenght and width) and the machine automatically controls spray-painting. Top quality, high output and low paint consuption are the main features of SV-T/C.
  • Electronic control board
  • N.54 holders conveyor chain
  • Electromechanical drive
  • Manual loading
  • Protecting water film booth n.1, for basic colour- one spraying gun- one paint pump
  • Intermediate oven - hot air drying
  • Booth n.2 with self cleaning wire equipement for imitation leather ribbing-one gun-one pump
  • Controlled two-axis spray-painting system
  • Final draying oven
  • Hot air generator
  • Cool air fun
  • Automatic unloading

Tecnical data:

Installed power (booth): KW 23
Max air consuption: Nl/min' 800
Supports: 54
Output: 900-1000 pairs/hour

Operators: one

length mm 5650
width mm 2180
height mm 2000
weight: Kg 3800




The tecnical data of the machine are not binding and can be modified without any notice.