High frequency welding, blanking
and silk screen printing
automatic equipment.

These automatic systems are composed by synchronized units for silk screen process, H. F. welding or embossing and blanking on PVC, synthetic materials and coupled leather.

They are specially designed for production of uppers and insoles for slippers, sport shoes overlappings, cases, sportswear labels, etc.

Our systems are realized following some basic elements as:

  • easy regulation of printing registers;
  • simple use and set up;
  • easy synchronization among operating units;
  • uniformity of movements performing high printing precision and repetitiveness;
  • independent regulations on every single unit;
  • high sensitivity protection during high frequency welding.
Each working station is equipped with a ground steel table where the material is positioned and set at register for further operations of printing, H. F. welding and cutting.

Each printing unit is completed by hot and cool air dryer thus allowing good stability of material. Available in 4-5-6 colours printing units.


SER 3/2

SER 4/2

SER 5/2

silk screen printing units 3 4 5
heat drying units 3 4 5
high frequency welding unit 1 1 1
max power at electrodes in H.F. KW 25 KW 25 KW 25
max welding force Kg 2200 Kg 2200 Kg 2200
nominal operating frequency Mhz 27.12 Mhz 27.12 Mhz 27.12
max cutting force Ton 60 Ton 60 Ton 60
rotating table diameter mm 4000 mm 5000 mm 5600
rotating table: number of station 20 30 36
plate sizes mm 400x500 mm 400x500 mm 400x500
printing size mm 380x480 mm 380x480 mm 380x480
max printing tolerance mm 0.10 mm 0.12 mm 0.14
electrode holder dimensions mm 380x480 mm 380x480 mm 380x480
installed power KW 61 KW 69 KW 75
feed air pressure Bar 6 Bar 6 Bar 6
air consuption at max output Nl/min' 400 Nl/min' 450 Nl/min' 500
production: strokes per hour 350/900 350/900 350/900
overall dimensions mm 6000x7000 h2000 mm 6000x7000 h2000 mm 6000x7000 h2000
net weight Ton 15 Ton 17 Ton 18
The characteristics of the machine are not binding and can be modified without any notice.